This universe contains both spiritual and scientific facts. As two philosophical beliefs, it is dominated by Theism and Atheism. However, both of these philosophies embrace astrology in its entirety. Nadi Astrology, in instance, is popular among both theists and atheists.

This Ancient Science was written down on palm leaves by enlightened saints who used their wisdom, reason, and insight for the benefit of mankind. Nadi Astrology is a successful blend of spiritualism and science that predicts the destiny of humans.

Natal astrology is based on men’s arithmetic computations, but Nadi astrology is based on Rishis’ spirit power predicting. In most situations, arithmetic forecasts made by ordinary humans with inadequate information will fail. This occurs because no one remembers the exact birth time of knowledge, which can lead to failure in most situations. This occurs because no one records an infant’s accurate birth time (the correct birth time is the time at which the head of the infant comes out of the womb of its mother).


If you are unable to attend in person, you may obtain your Nadi forecasts through our online prediction service. This service is designed in such a manner that we can search for your leaf even if you are not present. This is made possible by completing an online questionnaire with your unique information. Please enter the information properly. We will only be able to find your leaf (among the millions and lakhs of palm leaves that we save) with the aid of the information you provide. If no information is provided, we may not be able to find the proper leaf for you. Inadequate information may lead to the selection of the incorrect leaf and, as a result, to incorrect forecasts.

We cannot guarantee that everyone would receive their forecasts through this holy book because it is predestined by Lord Almighty. Only those who have been blessed with this experience will be able to locate his nadi leaflets. If your palm leaf is not accessible, we will refund the details as well as the amount you sent.

Online Nadi Predictions are available in the following languages: English, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Kananda.

Please complete the online prediction form with your fingerprint and submit it to us at



You may also learn about Nadi Astrology over Skype. Please contact us through email for additional information and to schedule a Skype session. This service is only accessible upon request.