Would you believe that somebody in Tamilnadu, in Vaithiswarankoil (Nagapattinam District- 290 kilometres from Chennai), keeps records on your history, present, and future? Yes! It may seem a miracle to you, but the reality is clear to everyone else. This is Nadi Astrology, prepared for the benefit of future generations by certain enlightened mystic academics of the ancient past. Yes, this is the inheritance that humanity has inherited from its forefathers. Envisioning the benefit of humanity and future generations, they established individual records by devoting their entire lives to making our lives easier in this contemporary day and in the midst of all problems. Perhaps this was their endeavour to maintain “Dharma” throughout this Kaliyuga. They did, however, want to use spiritual understanding to assist mankind get back on track. These enlightened sages are an esoteric group of ancient siddhas who are yet unknown to the rest of the world. Lord Shiva conferred certain special powers on them since he was delighted with their earnest prayer and committed devotion. This is referred to as extrasensory perception in the sixth sense. They made your records on palm leaves with the assistance of Lord Shiva’s amazing clairvoyance, which is linked with your past, present, and future. Their unmatched expertise is now being served to keep you all at the pinnacle.


Saints utilised palm leaves to make important records for the growth and progress of posterity in the distant past, and these naadi records are also a part of the vast wealth of different topics, such as Ayurveda, Siddha, Varma, Astronomy, Astrology, and so on. The palm leaf records stored here represent your history, present, and future. These naadi records are not open to the whole world’s population and are only available to destined souls. These intended beings are drawn involuntarily to read the leaves by force of circumstance, coercion, or insight at the appropriate moments as destined here from the centre. The language engraved on these palm leaves is in old poetic Tamil, and only a few people who are highly educated in the technique of naadi reading can interpret it. Among all divisions, Maha Siva SukshmaNaadi is the most important, and it is more accurate in determining people’s futures. The saint wrote the records in the style of a discussion between Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi, the Supreme Deities. It is more precise and vivid in predicting people’s futures. It portrays a pristine image even in the most private parts of people’s lives. It provides extremely good techniques and means to neutralise the consequences of previous birth karma and leads people properly to mould their future. The treatments suggested by Maha Siva SukshmaNaadi are more successful in alleviating difficulties and reducing the severity of crises. If you are meant to receive your records from this centre, the astrologer may identify your palm leaf holding your destiny, previous incarnations, and even your upcoming incarnations with just a thumb print.


Vaithiswarankoil, a temple town in Tamilnadu, is the cerebral centre of the Naadi culture, surrounded by several temples of considerable value. This old knowledge reverberates throughout the town. Lord Shiva ensures the accuracy of the forecasts made by these old palm leaves.


The greatest Rishis of ancient India, such as Bhrigu, Agasthiya, Kaushika,Vashishtha, and others, wrote NaadiJodhidam (Jotish) on palm leaves in Sanskrit, and it is more popular in South India. In 1676, His Highness Sri Venkoji Maharaja, a descendent of Sivaji Maharaja, establishing the Maratha dominion in Tamilnadu, with Tanjore as their capital. When Robert Clive was Governor of Madras Presidency in 1798, the British took over authority from the Marathas. During their reign, the Marathas were real supporters of the arts, science, medicine, Vedas, astrology, and so on. The major writings of ancient India were all stored and maintained at Tanjore’s famed SaraswatiMahal Library. During the period of the great ruler Sarabhoji Maharaja, Sanskrit writings, especially those pertaining to Naadi Astrology, were translated into ancient poetic Tamil language and written on palm leaves, which were then stored in the SaraswathiMahal Library. During the same era, despite the fact that Mohammediyans controlled the whole North India, the magnificent Marathas managed to preserve all such outstanding works in their SaraswathiMahal Library. Thus, Naadi Astrology is a gesture of appreciation to the Great Marathas for its continued existence.